Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh! Range

Blazer : Simplyhappyshop
Pants : Simplyhappyshop

*** For Order *** 
Pin: 74538ebc IG : simplyhappyshop 
Line : Simplyhappyshop FB : SimplyHappyShop 
Sms / WA : 085659694910 

Honestly i'm neither a turban lover nor orange lover, but yesterday when i received gift from simplyhappyshop my head was spinning so fast! * and orange!* before photo and put my turban on, I said 'Bismillahirrohmanirrohim' because orange & turban aren't my style and the range style is so so far from my style :') i think both of them too weird for me -_- but when I shared some photos with orange to my instagram um... the feedback so possitive :) alhamdulillah, what do you think? haha so I said don't ever be affraid about something that you don't like because how far you go travel, believe that you'll always find your way back home ;) 

Thanks for reading and.. have a nice day babes!


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