Saturday, July 6, 2013

하리 (Hari) Gwiyomi / Kiyomi (Cutie Song)

Hi !!
annyeonghaseyo !!

Yesterday i recorded a new video about Giyomi or Kiyomi (Cutie Song) by Hari with my classmate Vergia Eggi ^^ i think this song from Korea because this song is so.. cute and ear-catchy >,< with hand movements and also with cute expression haha so cute cute cute ! by the way, every i sing and dance with this song, i feels like 5th years old not 19th anymore :p 
You can do the same thing like me with imitate what I and Eggi do on this video ;) GoodLuck Friends!!
oya, this video was recorded by Ghassani Hashifah :*

So, Happie Happie~ 

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