Monday, May 13, 2013

Pillow Emotion

with Ghassani at Serabi Gaul on March 24th 2013 

This is an old photos which i re-arrange, so random.. Tadinya folder berisi foto ini ingin aku hapus karena foto ini sangat ga jelas dan memakan tempat haha. Everyweek i always clean up my harddisk on my laptop cause my photo is so BANYAK and i dunno wht should i do with these photos, too spam to save but too love to delete. So i think i'll edit and post it on my blog with the new Hijabi Barbie's logo. What do you think friends? good logo, bad logo, or what? ^^ I think i'll put these logo to all my photos in this blog :p It seems like a copyright, right? LOL

Ohya, now i'll active on blogger anyway, in sha Allah. Because i think i'll save in this site from the anonymous comment HAHA. Now in my blog, if you wanna leave a comment you must have an ID (Google, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, etc. include Open ID) so that i can know who are you and i know who is my new friend ;) I think that's all and thankyou for reading ! hv a nice day all :*


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