Monday, April 15, 2013

Blow The Sun

Hi! I'm back again :p :p hehe how are you today friends?
   Now i wanna share pict for you.. i think it's late post haha. Umm..i wanna share somethin for you, i'm so glad for this month bcause i got a job from Dhyza Mode as a Brand Ambassador or Model.. Dhyza Mode is a Clothing Line from Indonesia and i think as an Young Owner, kak Rara is so pretty, and kind to me, i'm really really really enjoyed this job till now ^^
   I think impossible to share "how can i get this job?" it will make a long story on my blog and i swear you will yawn more than 1000x during reads my blog :D
Oh ya! now I have a friend to accompany me in my every activity :) she is my best friend, my best manager, my photographer, and my best partner in college. Her name is Ghassani. The secret info.. We have same date on Birthday , 27 May, Yeah!we are Gemini Gank :D LOL
I'm grateful!! Ya Allah, please care, save and blessed Ghassani and kak Rara for me. They're too kind :) Aameen ...



Top to Toe from : Dhyza Mode 
Photograph by : Ocyid    

أي نظريات راهي 

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