Saturday, March 16, 2013


Hi! Hi! This is my bestfriend, her name is Kurniati Hadiyani but I called her Yaya ^^
Is she beautiful, right? :)) Yap! she is very beautiful. I knew her 'bout when i was student on my Senior High School. Waktu itu yaya berhijab, but i didn't :p 


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Deep Ocean

  This is my hijab outfit when i'll start 2nd semester :p i think it's OOTD as usual as i wear -__- but let's look look!! i love my new colorful bracelets >,< it's very makes my day! cute, right? hihi
By the way friends.. do you like my B&W sneakers? :D Am I nerd? Am I like a High School student? :p yap! i'm still forever young and simple~ LOL

   I wanna share you my secret anyway, do you know? after last holidays, my weight up to 52kg (x_x) plus 2 kilos omaigat! i dunno why, maybe during holiday I always grab more snack and nothing to do, so i think i'm widen than before :D I'm so embarrassed (-','-) Ssst.. don't tell anyone bout this yaa ;)

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Last Night, i watched some hijab's videos on YouTube and suddenly I'm falling in love with a cute pashmina in that video.. it was so cute with hair ball at the point of pashmina.. i really want it :( and I told it while showing the video to my mama
"mama, do you have this pashmina?" ,
"i don't know, try to find it on my closet by yourself ay" my mom said,
"oks ;)"
and you know?? I GOT IT!! how Lucky I'm ^^
i found the pashminah which i'm craving :D hihi
this pashmina can make your hijab looks messy and volume. I Love It so DAMN >,<

I think I'll wear it on my Photoshoot today..
combine, mix, and match and ... *WHIP*

This is my OOTD - Outfit Of The Day ...

Model              : Ayu Indriati Rahayu 
Photographer  : Adrian Hendrawijaya 

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