Monday, February 18, 2013

Twin not always Same

Hi! This is my college's friend. Her name is Sasriana Octavinia, and I called her Nia ^^  

   Maybe we aren't twin, cause we have different face, family, and princip like a... I'm wearing hijab and she is not. Oups! I mean 'Not Yet' cause she is Islam too :)) I wish Allah give her a 'Hidayah' As Soon As Possible :p LOL But, we're always have 'Same Taste' such as showed in this pict. We hv same Brown Sling Bag and Brown Platform :D 
   If you have a friend like this, and you always wanna have 'same' in every stuff Umm.. the word of 'Limited Edition' is not applicable again for you -___- so pity yaa haha 


   But, I'm happier if i have closed friend altough I don't have limied edition's stuff, than i have limited edition's stuff but I don't have any friend :) Relationship is more important than anything guys! so, don't be selfish for anything which will make you look like a silly person at the end of the story..

Thankyou , 


  1. sangat nyaman jika kita tahu ada orng yg ada di smping kita mau berbagi dan mau di bagi ^^ .. dan mau mngingatkan juga mau di ingatkan... friend...

  2. boleh minta email nya sis ?


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