Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blue Rainbow

Hi! friends. my outfit was so random LOL. but I wanna post it i don't know why, so i only post closeup pict only :D
please give a feedback, i wanna know how nerd I am -__-

I'm wearing rainbow pashminah, i love the color of my mini pashmina! like a rainbow with blue as maincolors and with BIG ghassani's glasses on my eyes, maybe you called it 'face glass' not 'eye glass' haha. Emm.. I wanna tell you somethin, this pict not original for sure. this pict was edited by me cause i have some new acne on my cheek it was very.. ewh~ -___-" I'm so sorry about this :( i'm only a little girl who likes playing with photo effect :p but i don't change anything again after i erased my acne.. hihi. 

Do you like my hijab in this picture, friends? 
i'm forget where i bought it.. only remember it wasn't expensive and i bought this with my mom :))
In this pict i'm wearing grey lens Aquas Lavender from @CHANAshop_ it was very comfort for my eyes and make me more beautiful than before!! (>,<) 
i love my photos when i wear softlens on my eyes. It will make your eyes look bigger and shiny ;) 
i'm wearing softlens since i was 18th years old, and i'm wearing hijab when i was graduated from High School. And hijab makes me more beauty and looks more mature. I feel more calm since i wear it :)

"Every girl is so beautiful. 

But, with hijab every girl is so amazing!"

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  1. It's so late to comment u'r post, but better than not. I'm very agree with u'r quote.. "Every girl is so beautiful
    But,with hijab every girl is so amazing!" Love it.. visit my blog, I just made an articel about hijabi,,, thx bfore,, love u'r blog...


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