Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hijab Tutorial #3 [ chiffon short wave ]

Cara membuat Chiffon Short Wave : 

1. dalam tutorial ini di wajibkan menggunakan ciput ninja ya :) usahakan warna senada dengan shawl
2. letakan shawl sama panjang
3. ambil bagian pinggir tengah dari sisi kanan dan kiri
4. kaitkan keduanya ke bagian belakang and pin it
5. ambil ujung shawl dari sisi kanan lalu kaitkan ke belakang agar tidak terlalu panjang, pin it again
6. ulangi langkah 5 untuk bagian kiri, lalu kaitkan lagi and finished ;)
7. kamu dapat memakai accesories like a necklace agar bagian leher tidak kosong :))

*YAP!* this is so simple to do, and you can apply this tutorial for daily, hangout, college, formal or anything else. Choose the accesories which can *CLICK!* with your shawl or your outfit ;)

agar tetap rapih untuk di luar, silahkan gunakan needle untuk bagain manapun yang menurutmu perlu di'kunci' agar tetap rapih biarpun di terpa angin :D 

" Must Try This at Home ! "

just share my second video with my hijab ! 

hope you can give a feedback for this video by clicking this link --> HIJABI BARBIE ;) Thankyou..


Monday, February 25, 2013

Hijab Tutorial #2 [ Layer Pashmina ]

Cara membuat Layer Pashmina : 

1. pakai pashmina dengan posisi panjang di satu sisi, dan pendek di sisi lain, pin it.
2. tekuk bagian atas seperti lipatan/ layer, ulangi sebanyak yg kamu inginkan
3. pin it di kanan dan kiri, tetapi jangan terlalu rapat agar hijab terkesan messy and bervolume
4. bagian panjang pashmina lilitkan di kepala 1x, rapihkan
5. dan kamu dapatkan 1 model dari layer pashmina ;)
6. agar terkesan lebih rapih, ujung dari sisa lilitan pashmina kaitkan di sisi yang bersebrangan, and pin it again
*VOILA* another style for your layer pashmina ;)

agar tetap rapih untuk di luar, silahkan gunakan needle untuk bagain manapun yang menurutmu perlu di 'kunci' agar tetap rapih biarpun di terpa angin :D 

" Must Try This at Home ! "

just share my second video with my hijab ! 

hope you can give a feedback for this video by clicking this link --> HIJABI BARBIE ;) Thankyou..


Thursday, February 21, 2013

After Final Semester's Exam

  HELLA everybodeeyh!!! WHOOT! finally holidaysss.. haha 

  Kemarin adalah hari terakhir aku menjalani pekan UAS, dan ditutup dengan Ujian Utama mata kuliah Algoritma dan Pemroggraman 1 .. seperti di foto ini, di kampusku khusus Ujian Utama kita diharuskan memakai kemeja putih dan rok hitam, untuk jilbab untungnya bebas :p Awalnya aku give up karena mata kuliah ujian penutupnya sangat megerikan dan semenjak kuliah aku sama sekali tidak bisa mencontek, bertanya kanan dan kiri, apalagi membuat contekan, 1 kelas di bagi 2 ruangan berbeda, posisi duduk menghadap kebelakang, dengan 3 pengawas yang masih muda patroli di belakang kita it was very hard to do on my college -_- dan sebesar apapun nilaiku nanti hanya akan diambil 50% what should I do? I can't do anything again except keep study and praying to Allah 
  How lucky I am, when Mid Semester's Exam i got the best score in my class for Algoritma dan Pemroggraman 1A & 1C, but not for 1B :'( so i must keep study hard for helped it. and till yesterday morning i'll keep study -__- maybe when I woke up my face changing into the freakiest and nerdiest people in the world. But I don't care :') I goto campus with this outfit and without makeup as usual as i do, I always feeling ugly and freaky without makeup -_- I don't know why LOL . Only black sneakers, white long shirt, black long skirt, black cardigan, black wristwatch, and big white Louis Vuitton's bag. Take your gun and I'm ready for fighting with Algoritma!!! *ciu~ciu*

  After test, i feel so "PLONG" :D bcause i fell 'no pain no gain' like an advertising on TV  :p  Yeah~ altough the test was so hard for me, but who's care lah yaa~ yang lalu biarlah berlalu HAHA. huft.. only 2 weeks for holidays after this test :') I must utilize the time as well as possible yap! :)) HAPPY and SPIRIT comes to me so fast (^,^) because i have waiting for long time for get this college's free day hihi
  And for the others problem about IP (Index Prestasi).. I don't wanna think it now~ just pray and *VOILA* i'm so Pro, Allah never sleep! 
I hope get the best IP for this my first semester. Aamiin ya Rabb.. O:)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Twin not always Same

Hi! This is my college's friend. Her name is Sasriana Octavinia, and I called her Nia ^^  

   Maybe we aren't twin, cause we have different face, family, and princip like a... I'm wearing hijab and she is not. Oups! I mean 'Not Yet' cause she is Islam too :)) I wish Allah give her a 'Hidayah' As Soon As Possible :p LOL But, we're always have 'Same Taste' such as showed in this pict. We hv same Brown Sling Bag and Brown Platform :D 
   If you have a friend like this, and you always wanna have 'same' in every stuff Umm.. the word of 'Limited Edition' is not applicable again for you -___- so pity yaa haha 


   But, I'm happier if i have closed friend altough I don't have limied edition's stuff, than i have limited edition's stuff but I don't have any friend :) Relationship is more important than anything guys! so, don't be selfish for anything which will make you look like a silly person at the end of the story..

Thankyou , 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Promo SOFTLENS February Rp.50.000

Promo softlens untuk bulan februari ini adalah ...
Softlens dengan merk:

1. Sweetheart
Ukuran : plano

Base curve (mm) : 8.60
Diameter (mm) : 14.50
Kadar air : 45%
Material : PolyHema

Warna (6) : Violet, Brown, Light Green, Pink, Grey, Blue.


2. Aquas Lover
Ukuran : plano
Base curve (mm) : 8.60
Diameter (mm) : 14.50
Kadar air : 55%
Material : HEMA
Warna (8) : Grey, Brown, Blue, Pink, Green, Turquoise, Violet, Black.


Motif love
Hanya untuk mata normal
Hanya Rp.50.000
Include free solution 60ml + lenscase
Exclude ongkos kirim
Shipping from Jatiasih, Bekasi


Twitter : @Barbiella_shop
Pin BB : 30e5ebe7
Instagram : barbiella_shop
+6281316385978 [SMS only]

Grab it fast and spread more love on this valentine month <3 {}

Blue Rainbow

Hi! friends. my outfit was so random LOL. but I wanna post it i don't know why, so i only post closeup pict only :D
please give a feedback, i wanna know how nerd I am -__-

I'm wearing rainbow pashminah, i love the color of my mini pashmina! like a rainbow with blue as maincolors and with BIG ghassani's glasses on my eyes, maybe you called it 'face glass' not 'eye glass' haha. Emm.. I wanna tell you somethin, this pict not original for sure. this pict was edited by me cause i have some new acne on my cheek it was very.. ewh~ -___-" I'm so sorry about this :( i'm only a little girl who likes playing with photo effect :p but i don't change anything again after i erased my acne.. hihi. 

Do you like my hijab in this picture, friends? 
i'm forget where i bought it.. only remember it wasn't expensive and i bought this with my mom :))
In this pict i'm wearing grey lens Aquas Lavender from @CHANAshop_ it was very comfort for my eyes and make me more beautiful than before!! (>,<) 
i love my photos when i wear softlens on my eyes. It will make your eyes look bigger and shiny ;) 
i'm wearing softlens since i was 18th years old, and i'm wearing hijab when i was graduated from High School. And hijab makes me more beauty and looks more mature. I feel more calm since i wear it :)

"Every girl is so beautiful. 

But, with hijab every girl is so amazing!"

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