Wednesday, September 19, 2012


*) 20 facts about GEMINI - Arnulfo (YAHOO! answers)

1. Two faced
2. may have more than two personalities 
3. will tend to marry twice 
4. funny
5. smart
6. positive
7. is faithful to those they truly love
8. nervous
9. Is not respected by anyone except other air signs
10. the seducer of the zodiac
11. attractive
12. fast learner, especially if mercury is in Gemini
13. Will have more than one lover in their lifetime
14. Forgives but never forgets
15. hates negative people
16. loves to be in a relationship 
17. has many friends
18. when older, will look young
19. is very adaptable 
20. is sensitive but hides it with humor

 don't see weird as a bad thing at all, they like people who stand out instead of fit it

 are very flirty when single. Win one over and make her yours, you best believe you found someone worth it.

 is strong enough to handle what ever the world throws at them.

 adalah pribadi yg tidak mudah marah pada orang lain dan orang yg moody

 adalah pribadi yg bisa dikatakan jarang sekali melalaikan apa yg menjadi tanggungjawab mereka.

 memiliki banyak teman dekat yg mencintainya

Cara untuk mendapat hati  adalah menjadi org yg humoris dan jujur.

 pribadi yg suka bersosialisasi dan banyak yg mempercayainya

No one can stop a  from speaking their mind when it's time to, so don't even try. It's unstoppable.

If you mess with a friend of a , Gemini will 100% stand up for their friends, they are very loyal to their friends

Dont argue with a . Their razor blade tongue will cut you up and leave you crying for mamma.

 can walk away from people with no problem.

ANY OTHERS GEMINI-ers? please comment :) 

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